Chibok Girls Alive; Carrying VVFs, Pregnancies – Escapee


Many of the 200 girls of the Government Secondary School, Chibok abducted on April 14, 2014, may be alive and holed up in the Lake Chad region of the North-East.

Sources disclosed to Saturday Vanguard that the girls who were relocated from the initial Sambisa Camp of the terrorists, following unrelenting bombardments by air and land operations, have been relocated to Lake Chad area with some of the girls spread along border communities.

According to the newspaper, about two weeks ago, one of the abducted girls who was formerly kept in a Sambisa forest camp, escaped from the hands of the abductors and ran into the hands of some Fulani herdsmen. It was the Fulani herdsmen having confirmed that the girl was a Chibok girl, who assisted her to get to the Baga military base of the multi-national Joint Task Force, where she disclosed that many of them were forcefully married to the terrorists who not only impregnated them but infected some of them with different diseases. On her part, she was not only impregnated, but she got the Vesicant Virginal Fistula (VVF) disease from one of the terrorists.

According to the escapee, at the camp where she escaped from there were about 60 of the girls while others were shared and moved to border communities.

“When the Fulani herdsman saw the girl in the bush and questioned her about her mission, she narrated her experience, which made the herdsman to take her to the soldiers in that area. With her escape, there are now 59 of the girls left in her camp,” the source told Vanguard.

Emphasizing that almost all of the girls have been married out to the Boko Harram terrorists while quite a number of them have delivered babies, the escapee told security agencies that the girls were always moved from place to place in the Sambisa forest during the bombardments but that when the heat was too much, they were all moved out of the forest.

The Vanguard source also revealed that the escapee told security agencies that Boko Haram terrorists have been seriously weakened and are now moving from place to place, planting mines and IEDs (improvised explosive devices) as they moved.

“All of us were forced to become Muslims but kept in camps far from each other”, she revealed. “You can only see and recognize those in your camp as any of us who refused being Islamized was either beheaded or shot at point blank range.”

She revealed further that the camps where the Chibok girls are now kept are in Kangoora, Mallam Fatori, Damasak, Tunbun Kaka and Tumbum Gira, many of which are located in the border communities around Lake Chad with some in Nigeria and others in Chad.



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