Cynthia Morgan Crushing On Davido!!!!

One generation that seems to have total disregard for the marriage institution are children born from 1990 upwards. If you are a mature person and want to live a responsible life, it is advisable you stay away from children below 25, at least most of them. You may not know why I am offering this advise but, trust me, it is even better you never get to know why. They are the “i-too-know” and “i-dont-care” generation. Just ignore them to their fate if you are a good person and want a decent life.

Just weeks after Davido welcome a baby with his babymama, Cynthia Morgan has declared that she is ready to have something with him if he is ready and that she’s crushing on him. Lol!  Indicating her seriousness, she said:

“My celebrity crush is Davido, because for me he is hardworking. Over the years he has been able to prove himself that he is talented and not all about being a rich kid and I think he is cute too.”



Source: Olufamous


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