Democracy Is Under Threat In Nigeria – PDP


The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to stand up for justice and equity and stop all undemocratic attitudes.

The opposition party made this known in a communique signed by Prof. Adewale Oladipo after a meeting on Thursday in Abuja where the PDP caucus reviewed the political developments in the nation’s polity. They resolved as follows:

That there is serious cause for concern in the nation’s political environment, especially as it concerns the survival of the nation’s democracy.

That the gains recorded in the 16 years of nurturing of democracy in the country by the PDP is rapidly being eroded with non-functioning of basic tenets of democracy and perpetuation of actions tilting towards dictatorship.

That the insensitivity of the ruling government to very critical issues being raised by the opposition is a huge threat to viable democracy and dangerous to the peace, unity and progress of the country.

That the undue interferences by the executive arm of government on the activities of the judiciary, legislature and INEC using the Directorate of States Services (DSS) is clearly unacceptable to the PDP as well as the Nigerian people and the party resolved to vigorously resist such.

That the party finds it offensive and provocative, the judiciary’s handling of cases involving it in election tribunals in some states, particularly, Akwa Ibom, Rivers, Imo, Taraba, Ogun, Plateau and Lagos states.

The tainted judgments of these tribunals, which are evidently products of arm-twisting from the nation’s security operatives under the direct command of an APC member remains unacceptable to us.

The PDP states that the conclusive evidence of external influence on the Rivers State governorship election tribunal is the fact that it was able to deliver its judgment within 24 hours, in a case that had nearly 100 witnesses, 1000 pieces of documentary evidences and nine counsel’s final written addresses; each not less than 40 pages.

The decision, in view of the rather interesting history of the case, indicates that the judiciary, like the PDP and the Nigerian electorate are victims of the APC-led Federal Government.

The party expects the judiciary, as an institution to restore its image by taking immediate measures to protect itself from political interferences as well as ensure that needed steps are taken at the appellate levels to remedy the embarrassing ruling by some of the election petitions tribunals.

The party has also noted clandestine moves by the APC to use various agencies of government, to manipulate the processes and rig the outcome of the forthcoming governorship elections in Kogi and Bayelsa states in their favour and vowed to deploy every means within the law to resist such.

That the party calls on President Muhammadu Buhari, as the leader of the country, to stand up for justice and equity and halt the undemocratic attitudes of agents of government in the interest of peace and stability.

Furthermore, we salute the courage and unity of purpose of our senators especially as demonstrated in the Senate chambers today in
their collective stand against impunity and corruption, in line with the wishes and aspirations of the Nigerian people. The PDP states that what the APC senators did today is a death knell on their party’s pretentious war against corruption.

The PDP further notes that whilst former APC governors are being rewarded with ministerial appointments, their PDP counterparts are being hounded and harassed in the selective war against corruption.

The party finally reiterates its commitment to the unity of Nigeria and the continued development of democracy in the country.


  1. dpd u ar nt ashamed, we ar nw movn toward govt of d ppl by d ppl n for d ppl, nt ur govt of d selves by d group n for d family. If u ppl dnt live Buhari alone tunder go fire una, useless n shameless ppl

  2. Under pdp useless rule that cause a lot of suffering and destruction to the poor masses, Nigeria democracy was not under threat, now that we want change that Nigeria democracy is under threat. Na God go punish pdp people.


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