Ex-FCT Minister Denies Criticising Buhari’s Choice Of Ministers

Aliyu ModibboA former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Aliyu Modibbo, on Friday commended President Muhammadu Buhari on his choice of ministers, saying most of them are friends he holds “in very high esteem”.

He, therefore, disowned social media platforms, bearing his name, disparaging the president over his choice of ministers.

“My attention has been drawn to an article published in an online newspaper, purportedly written by one H. Aliyu Modibbo, criticizing ministerial appointments by President Muhammadu Buhari, as well as hurling insults on some highly respected Nigerians.

“Disturbingly, due to the very close resemblance of the purported author’s name to mine, a lot of people have called to draw my attention to this childish publication, with some wondering why “my name” would be associated with such reprehensible writing.

“I hereby state that it is not my own name or person, and I completely distance myself from that puerile write-up.

“The writer should fear God and stop sneaking around trying to unnecessarily spoil names that have been made solidly over many decades, on top of their various illustrious pedigrees. Such evil will go back to the writer’s head”, he said.

Mr. Modibbo, who was also a Minister of Commerce and Industry during the administration of Olusegun Obasanjo, said such write up attributed to him must be the work of mischief makers.

“I join tens of millions of Nigerians in commending President Buhari on his exemplary leadership, and wish his cabinet and government the very best of luck.

“May they triumph and succeed in changing, as well as positively transforming Nigeria for the better. They can do it. Let us not distract them with the mentality and attitude of thugs and street touts”, he said.

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