Go Deeper In Your Marriage With This One Question

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Do you struggle to go deeper into your marriage communication?

In this stage of life, when there are diapers to be changed, meals to be made and sleep to be had, it is really hard to find make the time to connect and go deeper with my husband.

I’m going to make the assumption that I am not alone in this.

My husband and I came across this question a few years ago and this year, we are resolving to make it a habit to ask it of each other each week.

This question has helped us stop and evaluate our marriage. It helps us talk about issues that we thought were buried.

What is something we need to stop, start and continue in our marriage?

OK, really, it’s three separate questions.

1. What in our marriage do we need to stop?

What is some behavior or actions that are harming our marriage? Or even, what is something you or your spouse is doing that is not beneficial to the marriage?

2. What in our marriage do we need to start?

What would be good to add? What needs to be started to make our marriage even better?

3. What in our marriage do we need to continue?

What are we doing well? What things are we doing that we can celebrate because of their success?

Sometimes, when my husband and I talk about this, the answer is super simple. Other times, we really need to think about it. Also, I am surprised sometimes at his answers, other times, I expected them.

This is such a simple communication tool for couples to use to get deeper in their relationship.

Try it today with your spouse, see where the conversation goes.
I dare you

This article was originally published on Becky Moseley’s blog, Tales of Beauty for Ashes.

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