Happy Birthday To Veteran DJ, DJ Jimmy JATT!!!


Veteran Nigerian superstar DJ, DJ Jimmy Jatt celebrates his birthday today.

Jimmy Jatt is regarded as Nigeria’s biggest DJ with over twenty five years in the business.

Born in Lagos Island, he grew up listening to various genres of music; in the ‘80s he started developing a fondness for hip-hop culture and rap music.

He started off as a rapper known as Master J, after unsuccessfully searching for a record deal, he became a DJ with the aid of his brothers.

The acronym JATT represents his brothers’ names Jimmy, Amu, Tunde, and Tayo.

DJ Jimmy Jatt in the 90’s quickly grew to become one of Nigeria’s hottest DJs, and it is because of his branding and packing efforts during this period that he is regarded as a pioneer.

After establishing himself as Nigeria’s premier DJ, he entered the history books in 2007 when he became the first Nigerian DJ to release an album ‘The Definition’ under Storm Records.

In 2014 he became the first contemporary Nigerian music act to release his biography called Avant-Garde.

Also in 2014 he released his second album called ‘The Industry’.