How I Handle Invasion Of My Privacy, Juliet Ibrahim Reveals


Very pretty and sexy Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim granted a recent interview where she opened up about certain things.

In the interview, Juliet Ibrahim reveals how she deals with the invasion of media press.

Juliet Ibrahim has been ten years in the industry so far. I think being recognized as a household name, one of the top actresses out there is a privilege and an honour” said the actress.
I don’t think my privacy is being invaded, because what people fail to realize is I have social media accounts, and my social media accounts are for my fans, media and followers to stay updated as to what I do or what I am about.
So whatever I post is for you to feed on like we are friends, enjoy. But the problem I have with the media is when they twist your words. I might put something there, say it and then somebody chooses to one kind of attractive headline to just let people read or go to the blog or watch his news. That’s just the problem” she further said.

Juliet Ibrahim at the 'City People Awards'

Juliet Ibrahim said she understands why the media would sometimes twist her words. “But then again I can’t complain because everybody has to make money at some point. So I just have to grow a tough skin, live with it. And people ask me how I do it, how does it not get to you? I’m like ten years that’s a long time. During the first year I used to break down and cry.
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