I Have Not And Will Never Forgive Ruggedman, 9ice Vows


9ice has now clearly stated it that he has not forgiven Ruggeman neither is he willing to forgive him.

The two former collaborators clashed in 2010 after 9ice recorded a song on his third album titled ‘Once Bitten’; the song was a story about how 9ice caught his lover having an affair.

Many people at that time thought the song was referring to his then wife Toni Payne and Ruggedman having an affair, both parties have denied this rumor several times in the past.

In a recent interview with ‘Entertainment Splash’ on TVC, 9ice said he is still not on good terms with Ruggedman, and that the rapper has not apologized.
9ice however stated that Ruggedman never slept with Toni Payne.

Ruggedman did not sleep with Toni Payne, he dare not do that” he said, and added “Iyawo ole ni won ma ngba” which means “it is only a lazy man’s wife that can be taken away.

9ice said he hasn’t forgiven Ruggedman for interfering in another man’s matter.

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  • nice or 9ice anyone sha…. I tell you if you fail to forgive your fellow for his wrongs… then God will not forgive..you the sins you’ve committed… because it is written… forgive us oh lord our sins as we forgive those who sins against us…. you can tell for your self… what it entails…. bros if you can forgive… THEN HELL SURE AWAITS YOU… just let it Bro… SO AS TO MAKE IT TO HEAVEN… one love Bro… and more grace

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