I love Nigeria

Green is the colour of nature and represents growth, fruitfulness and freshness. Today we celebrate Nigeria, a land of green and freshness. The same feel you get from using Closeup Herbal made of Aloe Vera and Mint Lemon.
Are you proud of Nigeria? Are you truly Nigeria? Watch I Love Nigeria a unique and innovating game show powered by Closeup Nigeria with Stephanie Coker playing the Dynamic host along-side the comedian Tee-A and popular Ebuka Obi leading the teams of our celebrities.

A show where we are celebrating Nigeria the most diverse country in Africa and it’s flair for Unity, Love, Peace and Progress. A show that keeps you on the edge of your seat as the Audience and Celebrity teams are tested of their knowledge of Nigeria.

As we celebrate Nigeria today let’s join our celebrities to say I Love Nigeria. Why do you love Nigeria? Join the contest to celebrate Nigeria at 55. In just 15 seconds video, tell us why you love Nigeria, Tag @closeupnigeria on instagram.

Visit www.closeup.com.ng, facebook.com/closeupng, twitter.com/closeupng and www.youtube.com/user/CloseupNigeria for more details .




  1. I really love the programme I love Nigeria. I would prefer if the last section is modified such that the number that the arrow points at is added only. For exampleif thee arrow points to 0 and TeeAa has34. He should get 34 + 0= 34 and not 0. Thanks