Kiss Daniel Slammed By Fans After His Awful Performance As MBGN 2015 Live Event


We all know Nigerians are always quick to react and speak their minds.

That was the case as the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria held last night in Calabar; one of the high-points of the evening was the performance of Kiss Daniel.

Kiss Daniel performed minutes before the winner was announced, however it turned awry as the singer failed to impress.

Kiss Daniel performed his two popular tracks, ‘Laye‘ and ‘Woju‘ which has made him a subject of attack on social media.

Fans are slamming the singer for performing below par and he is currently a trending topic on Twitter.

Some say his dancers were awful, others say he lacked energy on stage.

See some tweets below: –

Kiss Daniel’s performance at the #MBGN2015 is the worst I’ve seen of any artiste in recent times! Only Mc Galaxy performed there today!

— Tha Infectious! (@DeejayKayce) October 24, 2015

Kiss Daniel’s performance is flat. Need to work on it. Add energy and stuffs

— • soca • (@Chichom_) October 24, 2015

If you tell Kiss Daniel to recite abcd to z.. He will lick his lips 26 times.

— Cass (@cass_ralph) October 24, 2015

Kiss Daniel performed like he was paid #1500 to perform so he just gave us what the money is worth  .Congrats Miss Anambra #MBGN2015

— fäìth $tæue (@ambapeter_amber) October 24, 2015

“@AmaraIsQueen: Kiss Daniel forgot his dancers at home so he just picked two girls from the road”

— Ellyn (@cute_ellyn) October 25, 2015

Can we talk about kiss Daniel’s performance

— R O G U E (@thetemitayo) October 24, 2015

How can you say you dare kiss Daniel to sing a third song 

— David (@Davidplies) October 24, 2015

Smh “@Ola_Ope: Lol”@iamurbanaira: Lmao “@KingOpe_Nelson: They should have just played cd instead of inviting kiss Daniel””

— мαвяσυq (@iam_mabrouq) October 24, 2015

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