Lepacious Bose Reveals How She Lost 70kg In One Year And Half


One of Nigeria’s comediennes, Lepacious Bose has opened up on how she lost 70kg under 2 years.

She said the decision was self made, and that she achieved her new look without the aid of liposuction.

Speaking with The Punch, she said, “Nothing motivated me to begin a weight loss programme. It was just time and I felt like doing something different. I like it when people speculate that I went for liposuction but the truth of the matter is that it took me a year and half to lose 70kg,” she explained.

Continuing, she said, ‘If a liposuction can achieve that, then I should not pay that kind of doctor because a liposuction works faster. If it took me one and a half years to lose 70kg, then I wasted my money on the doctor.

‘It occurred to me to perform liposuction and I spoke to the doctors about it. They told me that at the end of the surgery, I would still have to do exercises, discipline myself and change my diet. So if at the end of the day I am still going to do all that, then why should I opt for liposuction? It is not always about money.

‘I have heard that sometimes liposuction procedure could go wrong, sometimes some people are unlucky and I did not want to risk that. Changing a few habits helps to lose weight, it is not as difficult as people think it is. The most difficult part is to see the result. If you do not see results, you would not feel encouraged to continue.

‘I advise anyone that when they start a diet, do not tell anybody because they would discourage you. When you do it at your pace and you are not under any pressure, you will be happy when you see the result.

‘A lot of people did not know that I was losing weight until it began to yield results. I did not change my dressing, I was still wearing big clothes and that is the beauty of it. That is why some people think I went for surgery because in their eyes, the change was drastic but it took me one and a half years to lose 70kg. My close friends know that it is a change in my lifestyle,’ she said.