Low Turnout As Egyptians Continue Election Run-off


Egyptians cast their ballots on the second day of Egypt’s parliamentary election run-off on Wednesday after no clear winner emerged in the first round of polls. The parliamentary run-off, which started on Tuesday, was expected to elect politicians firmly backing President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in the absence of any opposition.

Turnout for the first round, held in 14 of Egypt’s 27 provinces last week, was just 26.6 percent, and there was no sign of any increased enthusiasm among voters in the latest round. One polling station in Cairo’s Dokki district saw only 20 people vote in the hour after it opened at 9am (07:00 GMT), an official said.

Voting stations closed 10 hours later, and reopened at 9am on Wednesday for a second and final day.

Among voters who had turned out in Dokki were elderly people, government employees, retired bureaucrats and ex-servicemen, AFP news agency reported on Tuesday. urged “Egyptians to strongly participate in this important election to choose their representatives”, a statement said. “It’s in their hands to determine the turnout.”


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