Man Opens Hole In Apartment Floor In A Bid To Rape Neighbor Below


A Japanese man has been arrested after he allegedly opened a hole in the floor of his apartment and broke into the apartment below before attempting to rape a woman he was infatuated with, police said Wednesday. Read more from Japan Today:

Police in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, northeast of Tokyo, said Masahito Sato, 51, a Tsukuba company employee, was arrested on charges of unlawful entry and indecent assault resulting in injury when he attacked his 39-year-old victim. According to police, Sato was a frequent customer of a restaurant the woman operated. He told police, “I have romantic feelings (for her).”

Sato moved into the apartment directly above the woman’s first-floor residence in mid-October. In a case of apparent fatal attraction, it is unclear how Sato knew where the woman lived or that the room above her had been vacant. Using a saw and other implements, he spent about 10 days making a 50-centimeter-diameter hole in the floor of his apartment, police said.

Police suspect that around 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Sato descended through the hole and removed a panel in the ceiling of the woman’s bathroom before climbing down into her apartment. When the woman returned home, Sato allegedly pressed a stun gun against her and knocked her to the floor before trying to rape her. He is suspected of causing the women injuries, including abrasions to her left hand.

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