SHOCKING: Married Man Murders Pregnant Girlfriend, Buries Her In Shallow Grave


A 39-year-old man, Chamberlin Ojoko, from Ezeakam Eziudo community in Ezinihitte Mbaise Local Government Area, Imo State, has landed himself in very serious trouble after he procured a concoction for his pregnant girlfriend, Chinonye Ella, 25, in the guise of aborting the baby, only for her to die and he dug a shallow grave and buried her.

After committing the atrocious crime, Ojoko sneaked back to PortHarcourt, Rivers State, to his wife and children, not knowing that the hands of the law would soon catch up with him.

According to reports, Ojoko had gotten the lady pregnant and not wanting to take responsibilities, he procured the
herbal concoction, took her to an uncompleted building where he gave her the drink which caused a fatal adverse
reaction, resulting in her death. He then went back home, got a shovel and dug a shallow grave behind the building and buried the corpse before escaping back to his base. But his undoing was a young girl who saw what he did and promptly reported to the owner of the building who reported the matter to the police. Ojoko’s elder brother, Pastor Sopuruchi was then arrested and he led detectives to his base in Port Harcourt where he was arrested.
The State Police Commissioner, Taiwo Lakanu, while parading the suspect, said Ojoko met the lady in a bus in December last year and after they struck up a relationship,Ojoko would travel regularly to Owerri, where he would lodge with the lady in a hotel and have fun till she became pregnant and informed him of it. Ojoko himself also confessed to his crime:

“On July 20, 2015, I took my girlfriend to an uncompleted building around 6:30pm. My girlfriend took the herbal
medicine, but later she started writhing in pain. Then she died.I ran to my house and took a shovel; I carried her body to the side of the building. I dug the ground and buried her in a shallow grave.”



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