Meet Lawal Dan Gashua, The Good Baker Who’s The Breadwinner To Refugee Kids

Lawal Dan Gashua is a baker in Maiduguri who for the past three years has been trying to help those who fled after Islamist insurgents invaded their villages. At first only families of other bakers who were killed came to him for refuge but soon afterwards many others trooped to him for shelter.


Lawal gives them support, provides bread to them, which is always available and a roof over their heads all from the meager earnings from his bread sales. What strikes me about this kind man is his passion to help others despite his own challenge of finance. One is surprised at this kind of zeal, where does he draw his strength from? Surprisingly the government or other well to do individuals do not help him in this regards.

About 14 boys sleep in a small shack, their only source of education comes from a volunteer who teaches them basic things. The youngest of the boys is eight while the oldest is 16.

The baker who is responsible for other bakers and their extended families also disclosed how he had helped find homes for almost 300 individuals.

More than 2 million Nigerians have been displaced during four years of insurgency, some live in official government refugee camps, others live with friends while others live with strangers they had never known like this good.

Source: Nairaland

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