[OPINION] Ministerial Nominees: Making A Case For The Wailers By Tersoo TeeCube

ministerial nominees

The word wail is an English word that can be defined as a prolonged, mournful cry, as in grief or suffering. In the same vein, the word wailers derived from wail, to lovers of music most especially the reggae genre, is associated with the band created by Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer in 1963.

To your utter surprise if you are a keen follower of events unfolding in our polity today you will affirm with me that the word “wailers” without Bob Marley” has indeed re-emerged with a more subtle meaning.

Today in Nigeria, the usage of the word is gaining patronage by a certain group of individuals who have coined it and have developed a penchant in using it to fight a psychological warfare waged against perceived opponents or critics of their political inclinations or ideology.

More fittingly, the term “wailers”, is used to describe the supporters of erstwhile President Goodluck Jonathan, who often find every opportunity to lash out at the shortcomings of this present administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Ardent supporters of the ruling party have therefore found an appealing name to describe or label critics of President Buhari, whom many of his followers have over the years, developed an unassailable perception of his morally upright, highly excellent and managerial skills competence in regards to running the affairs of the country. As much as it is believed that no mortal man is infallible, the “sainthood” of President Buhari in some quarters is never in doubt.

For me as an individual, I would reiterate that I am a staunch supporter of “Change” but there are certain decisions made or actions that will be taken by this government that if within me I feel does not reflect my idea of the change I canvassed for, then it is also an inalienable right for me to voice out my disaffection. It won’t be out of place for you to think my opinion is insignificant but for me I would be very much pleased to make known my stand about certain issues bothering the affairs of governance than staying mute in complicit silence or for the fear of been branded a wailer as the case may be.

It is morally unfair to silence an opposing voice in any democratic milieu. It is said that “no man can please everyone” therefore, no matter what Mr President does, his actions by commission or omission, will be appraised or scrutinized fairly or unjustly by the public. Our concerns should not be about the person or group of persons involved in criticising Mr President in regards to faith, ethnicity and religious inclinations. We are foremost Nigerians; we all have a stake in this enterprise except others feel otherwise.

At this juncture, it might sound so early for me to start “wailing” given the fact that I intentionally restricted myself from commenting about the polity shortly after President Buhari was sworn in; that is not to say there were no significant issues that generated intense bickering about his initial appointments, which some people averred was lopsided in favour of the north and ethnically bias to say the least.

My belief is that he needed the benefit of doubt and ample time to set his house in order to enable him clean the Augean stables in a polity highly infested with the menace of corruption.

Anxiety without a doubt, found prominence in the hearts of many Nigerians that before now were kept in the dark about the formation of a cabinet of ministers as expected of an optimally functioning government. Nigerians kept faith imbibing the virtue of patience as many enthusiastically sought to know the “who and who” incorruptible and Progressive Nigerians that will make Mr President’s list as highly anticipated and hyped.

Yesterday, the first list of ministerial nominees was made public and tongues are already wagging just as my pen is compelled to return from a hiatus away from political commentary. All I can say from this batch unveiled so far is, Mr. President, the long awaited suspense you kept us in was uncalled for.

One would expect to hear a fusion of new names of vibrant technocrats garnishing the list but to say “my church mind”, I am disappointed reading the names of the same old politicians that resurfaced representing the old order.

Once again, I admit it is too early to conclude as a “potential wailer” but with his “opening surprise”, I do feel Mr President should better have another list of names on the second batch that will be more assuaging to the swelling rank of “wailers”, which I may be forced to join soon if his subsequent appointments does not have a semblance of the “change” I canvassed and voted for.

Mr President “abeg no fall our hands!”


Concerned Youth.

© Tersoo TeeCube

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