Nigerian Transgender, Stephanie Rose Finally Replaces Her Manhood With A V*gina And Shares The Photo On Facebook

Nigerian transgender Stephanie Rose poses completely Unclad.. & yes, she now has a vagina.


The Nigerian transsexual, born Dapo Adaralegbe – who now lives in Amsterdam as a female, took to her Facebook page a few days ago to share an Unclad pic, to let people know that she now has a vagina. She has had the surgery to remove the joystick he was born with. The photo is a little too much…

Source: Facebook


  • It is appointed unto a man. once to die and after that the judgement.
    If she does not repent, she will regret this statement on the final day.

  • if he or she I don’t and I don’t want to knw, if she doesn’t talk to abt forgiveness,, hmmm I don’t hw her way will look like because no body tempt God go free handed… may God forgive her

  • Dapo or whatever u call urself u re biting more than u can chew God will destroy u one day d way HE destroy sodom n gomorra stop this madness bf it is too late f u n I pity ur parents d day they gave birth to u they were happy but now u re am abomination to them,to nigeria n to d world. Stop seeking cheap attention

  • Stephanie rose…is a confused idiot you changed ur self too a lady doesn’t make you one .. you are not thing but a carzy man!!!!yea I called u a man because tht is wht you are….may God forgive you

  • An adage in my place says that the person who picks stones for a mad man to throw at people is equally mad. This applies to the media that undertakes to hurt our sensibilities by publishing Dapo and rotten utterances. No moslem can publish such garbage against his Allah.

  • pls renounce ur words,God do exist, just imagine hw u came on existence. May God forgive u for this. this world is not urs nd will never be urs

  • Only the sensitive one can know who God is but for somebody like Stephanie Rose they are not.God forgive him because he don’t know what that he is talking about. the God you call idiot is still the God that created you. have you ever asked weather if from were you are coming from or how were you created? this is nonsense……. go back to your father to tell you more about Jesus .

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