Nigerians React To Calls For The Ejection Of Fulani Herdsmen From Yorubaland

Fulani herdsmen

Ever since the abduction of a former Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Chief Olu Falae by suspected Fulani herdsmen, Yoruba leaders have been calling for the ejection of Fulani herdsmen from Yorubaland. Falae who was the victim of the abduction recently joined voices with the other Yoruba elders to urge President Muhammadu Buhari to eject the Fulani herdsmen. Based on this backdrop, INFORMATION NIGERIA has used its platform to gather up the reactions of Nigerians to these calls, especially Falae’s latest call. Read the reactions below;

Manga Mohammed Nuruddeen expressed his disappointment in Falae who had ones contested to be the president of this country for taking sides with a course that can lead to the division of the country. Manga said, “and this old man wanted to be president of Nigeria. I thought Nigerians have freedom of movement in the whole country. Are we amending our constitution because some criminals abducted Falae? How can you condemn the Fulani people because of a few criminal elements who have not even been convicted yet? Does Falae, Afenifere and co think Yoruba people don’t commit crimes in other parts of Nigeria? No one condemns the Yorubas because of people like Fayose, Gani Adams, Fani Kayode etc. Pray whatever gives these clowns masquerading as Yoruba leaders that Nigeria will always do what they want? What is the point of education when people reason the way their ancestors reasoned one- thousand years ago? Falae cannot be a statesman and a tribal potentate at the same time. It’s in times like these that one knows who real leaders are”.

Balogun Omeiza expressed similar opinion as Banga’s, he said “Falae’s experience in the hands of those kidnappers is a painful one but he (Falae) has not spoken well. Is Falae preaching secession of this country? If Fulani herdsmen are ejected from South-West for the sake of this crime committed against him, what will happen if a Yoruba man commits same offence in the Northern part of this country tomorrow? Yorubas are not in bondage in the hands of Fulani herdsmen hence need no liberation. Criminals are everywhere; all the government needs to do is to enact law to regulate the activities of herdsmen in this country”.

Still expressing disappointment in the calls for the ejection of Fulani herdsmen from Yorubaland, Nasir Mohammed Yakasai asked; “what has Falae said about the spate of Igbo led Armed Robbery that ravaged the Youruba enclave. Has he ever called for the expulsion of Igbos in Yorubaland?” Responding directly to this comment, Danny Bliss said “it is better to be armed robbers than to be suicide bombers, truth is bitter to the northerners because they are born with evil mindsets. Armed robbers steal to eat, but terrorists destroy even the unborn child and innocent children. Check the record of Igbos everywhere in the world we are peace loving people, only minding our business, the blessings that follow the Igbos, always’ affect every city, town, village, and country we sojourn. Have you heard that a Fulani person is in Iceland or British parliament? Check the record it must be Igbo. The Yoruba will ever accommodate Igbos knowing full well our contribution to their land cannot be written on the paper, how many Hausa Fulanis have houses and properties in Yorubaland except impoverished cows which they value more than human-beings”.

Suggestions on how this issue can be resolved was proffered by Tessy Kool who said “I will suggest in all these that the Fulani herdsmen be provided with sectionalized Grazing land across the country after these they can be compiled to settle down and no more nomadic life. This will stop cattle rustling. The Truth is that the herdsmen have to be disarmed because overtime they have been criminalized. This ugly act of theirs is not restricted to only the SW but all over the country”. Arowojeun Michael on the other hand urged the government move fast on the conduct of the Fulani herdsmen in Yorubaland citing that their activities in the region is fast becoming a menace. He said “Government should take drastic action before it gets out of hand”.

Seeing beyond just the calls, Haruna Idris Mohammed said “this is a secessionist anthem and should be taken seriously by the relevant authorities. Nigeria will remain one, in bond and in diversity. Comment like this should be sanctioned”.


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