Palestinian Man Shot Dead After ‘Stabbing’ An Israeli Officer In Jerusalem


A Palestinian man has been shot dead by Israeli police after he tried to stab an officer at an entrance to East Jerusalem’s Old City, according to an Israeli police spokesperson. Speaking to Al Jazeera from the site of Monday’s incident, witnesses questioned the Israeli police version, saying the Palestinian man was not holding a knife. Aljazeera reports:

Another witnesses told Palestinian Maan News Agency that there was no attempted stabbing at the time and the man was shot dead as he was walking in the area. It was the latest incident in a recent wave of Israeli violence against alleged Palestinian attackers.

Luba Samri, Israeli police spokeswoman, said officers noticed the Palestinian acting suspiciously and ordered him to take his hand out of his pocket.

Samri said the man then attacked an officer with a knife, adding that the officer was wearing a protective vest and was not injured. Israeli police said they would release a video to prove that the incident was a stabbing attempt. The incident took place near the Lions Gate of Jerusalem’s walled Old City in the occupied eastern side of the city.



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