Referee Pulls A Gun During Dispute At Football Game In Brazil [Photo]


A referee in a Brazilian soccer match is facing potential disciplinary action after he pulled a gun during a dispute about a call. UPI has more:

Footage of the incident at a field in Brumadinho shows referee Gabriel Murta, 27, who also works as a police officer, being held back by another official while holding a gun in one hand.

Brazilian news outlet G1 Minas Gerias reported Murta had been slapped and kicked by a player for declining to give a red-card penalty to a player on the opposing team before retrieving his handgun from a locker room.

There were no arrests made following the weekend incident, but officials with the amateur league said Murta is due to meet with officials and could face disciplinary action.

Giuliano Bozzano of the Minas Gerais Football Federation said Murta will also meet with a psychologist before officials determine whether he will be punished for the incident.

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