Seyi Law Composes Romantic And Stunning Formal Love Letter To His Wife


Famed Nigerian comedian, Seyi Law is currently one of the hottest comedians in the business right now.

Yesterday (October 27), the stand-up comic wrote a heartfelt, creative and stunning love letter to his wife, Stacy Aletile.

Seyi Law shared the love letter on his Instagram account.

Read it below:

Dr. (Mrs) Ebere Stacy Aletile,

The Managing Director,

Lawrence-Aletile Family Empire.

Head Office Branch,


Dear Ma,

In lieu of your request for a personal mail from me, I have decided to put into writing an agreement I made with you on Sunday 27th March, 2011 in the presence of God and people to love, cherish and protect you with all my life and possession.

I have put my heart to continue to work for the greater good of this commitment without pay or leave until my last breath unconditionally. I believe in our mission of building a new generation family grounded in godliness and the general good of the world.

I hope our vision and values will not be deterred by external forces seeking to cause a breach that can lead to the termination of our contract. I will be very grateful if you would continue to give me the necessary support to help me discharge my duties without fears, but with much favour.

Thank you for your belief in my brand to perform to its full potential for the purpose for which I have signed.

Your faithfully,

ALETILE Oluwaseyitan Lawrence, SEYILAW.

Chief Executive Officer

Lawrence-Aletile Family Empire.