Toke Makinwa Advice Ladies On Relationship

Some babes will never agree that men and women are not equal until they see the reality of life in marriage and that is what is clearly playing out here. After her husband impregnated a Calabar girl, Toke Makinwa is now stylishly dropping her hard stands on the ignorant claim of equality.

Even in the Mountain of Fire Church she ran to when her marriage was in trouble, they know that a lady can do well to respect and take care of her husband, as that is the real key to his love and care.

Dear ladies, if a man “sheats”, he can marry the other lady. But if a married woman “sheats”, her husband can go all the way to drive her away from his house. Respect your husband and enjoy your marriage. Simple!

Anyway, below is Toke Makinwa’s latest advise to ladies…

In her latest Vlog, Toke said, “Marriage is how you are seen in the society; marriage is how you are duly respected. If you are not married, there is no hope for you. 30 is knocking at the door. If you have crossed 30 even worse, you need tips.”

She added, “You have to make a truce; you either choose to follow your career or you choose to get married. You cannot do the two at the same time, it cannot work. They believe that when a woman is career driven she is a threat to men, most men will not approach you.

“Therefore, you are approaching 45 if not 50 and you are single, forget career. Career is not going to keep the night warm for you when you are 40. Career is not going to keep you company when you are going to need it. Career is not going to sleep with you.”

– but the truth is that a wise lady should not even wait till she’s 45, you can live right from 20 and enjoy!

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