We Are Open For Discussions On How Fulani Herdsmen Can Build Ranches – Afenifere


Pan Yoruba socio-political group, Afenifere said it was open to discussions with the Fulani leaders on ways to ensure harmonious co-existence in the South West.

The Association of Fulani Chiefs of South West Nigeria and Miyeti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) have faulted the proposed ban on cattle rearers by the Afenifere group, saying it is in violation of the 1999 Constitution which protects free movement of people and livestock.

However, the group’s National Publicity Secretary, Mr Yinka Odumakin said: “We acknowlege the appreciation of the wrongs the herdsmen have done to their hosts and the promise to find solution to the problem. We, however, reject their quoting international treaties to justify the right of cows to graze freely as if they are citizens who have gumption to know how to distinguish between grass and crops that the owners of the land sweated for. Are there treaties that say they should rob, kidnap and rape women?

“We are ready to talk with them on how to do ranches and ensure harmonious co-existence but we have had enough of normadic activities that have led to these clashes over the years. If they insisted that nomadic grazing is the way of life for the Fulani, which is now putting our own people in harm’s way, the north has the biggest land mass in Nigeria which should serve them well,” Odumakin said.

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  • We must bring the Fulani nation to appreciate the harm that they have brought to the Nation through repeated cases of rape, highway robbery, arson, killings of men, women and children through cattle grazing. Let the educated Fulanis tell their kinsmen that this century will not welcome insanity. The Fulanis have amazed so much weapons and have become formidable in evil. If you say you are Fulani and support all this evil, wait until your daughter is raped and your pregnant wife killed. The Middle-belt have suffered so much from the Fulanis and now that their menace has reached the Southwest, we all must rise up and preach the gospel of sanity to Arewa group and all groups in concern who are blinded by shameless tribalism rather than apologies for evils committed. Let us get together to move Nigeria forward. If President Buhari does not handle the Fulani madness well enough, it may bring his tenure a shameful exit.

  • I think you don‘t even know what this so called utter about the fulani people
    As i am among the fulani ethnic and my field study is #(fulfulde) fulani‘s language
    So that any person who have bloated stomach of our nation fund and now come and accuse our tribe with his tiny understanding, we will never let not even in social media
    Then you #maryam i want know your tribe before

  • must u know her tribe when she speak truth and substances??
    maryam is right to said that and she is not regreting of her statements.
    Fulani shouldn’t have existed in this nation. they are religious bigout, rapist, arson, Boko haramist, kidnappers, arm robbery on high way and local road, Illiteracy, farm and food destruction and ritualist. can we call such people our brothers or sisters?? God forbid! it’s high time to treat their fuck up. I think this rubbish hardly happened in my state. if u are proud to be brother/sister of kidnappers and rappists, I think u are also in the same circle.@Maskuru Aliyu

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