White Couple Mock Nigerians With Halloween Costume!!! [Photo]

All in the name of Halloween costume… don’t get it twisted this couple are mocking Nigerians with the slave trade era when they paraded blacks – both men and women – without clothes. Not nice at all!





Source: Olufamous


  1. I would have thought the red skinned (not white) people would have wanted Africans to forget their barbarians of ancestor in a hurry, but no, this is not the case. My position in this matter is, they (red skinned) are to fell the shame not Africans. We welcome them with love but they showed us they are more beastly than people walking naked. This confirms the saying that ” the clothes covers a whole lot of things”. Africans walk naked in before the 21st century but these fools are copying what we left long ago pressently, whether half or total nude, this is their new craze. I AM BLACK ANDPROUD

  2. Shame on Nigerians who claim they’re white all in the name of yahoo, I feel very proud to tell anybody I’m a Nigerian, let them kiss my ass, I have what they want, till tomorrow most Nigeria still act as slaves especially when they see oyibo man, Nonsense, if everyone thinks like me, no 9ja guy go dey prison for abroad, watin concern me with oyibo man?