Nigerian Food Items To Be Banned Permanently From International Market, 2016 Deadline Set


Nigeria has been given June 2016 deadline to improve in the processing of its foodstuffs or risk permanent ban from the international market. The Director General of NAFDAC, Paul Orhi, who made this known yesterday, said that food items from Nigeria were been rejected in the international food market because of the unhealthy procedure used in processing them.

The DG said at the public presentation of the special edition of the National Mobilizer magazine by the National Orientation Agency (NOA) in Abuja that way Nigerian foods are being processed was very unhealthy and a lot of orientation and information dissemination needs to be done at all levels to get it right.

 “There is a lot of work to be done. When you pass by the road and you see women drying alubo or even garrion coal tar on the roads, the coal tar is melting on the roads mixing up with the garri, and the dust from the cars is also mixing with the garri and someone just soaks the garri with sugar and begins to drink it and we wonder why we have kidney failures, people are developing cancer and people are dying. It is we, who have to point out the dangers of doing these things out to the person doing them,” he added.

Source: AllAfrica


  1. Honestly speaking is God that is helping and keeping us healthy in this country. Foods are not properly process, animals are not being treated, brevages are not upto the standard and many more. The agencies that re incharge are being bribe to undermined it putting the health of every Nigerian at risk.