Woman arrested for duct taping dog’s mouth shut to stop it barking (PHOTOS)


A woman is accused of wrapping duct tape around her dog’s mouth to stop it barking, then laughing as she posted the pictures online.  Kimberly Ann Howell has been charged with animal cruelty after sharing the distressing photos on her Facebook page.


The 25-year-old posted the images of her mixed-breed dog, Leah, claiming she was teaching her a lesson for trying to bite her daughter and wrote “Ha ha,” in the caption, it was reported.
Someone saw the post and reported Howell to police.
She was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals, according to Rowan County Sheriff’s Office.
Howell, from Salisbury, North Carolina,was later released from prison on $3,000 bond.

Howell reportedly told authorities she removed the tape immediately after posting the pictures, according to Fox News Denver.

Howell later took to Facebook to defend herself.

She wrote: “Wow ok maybe I should of said I was joking when posting that.
“But honestly though people would know better anyone who spend a week at my house would see how spoiled and loved my dog is.
“Anyways guess I really didn’t think through but anyone who knows me knows when I got Leah she was skin and bones how that animal abusee (sic).”
“I have made my mistakes in life too and believe me either I’ve paid for them or am still paying for them. But to call me an animal abuser or child abuser that’s so not true.”
Investigators said the dog was healthy and unharmed.

There were no signs of abuse or neglect on her body, the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office said.

Howell is due in court on November 4th.

Source: Facebook

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