81-Year-Old Man Pushes Muslim Woman Into Oncoming Tube Train | PHOTOS, VIDEO

An 81-year-old man pushed a Muslim woman into the path of an oncoming  subway train at a London Underground station, England, UK, on Tuesday.

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The blood-curdling incident captured on CCTV cameras was made public, revealing the details of the attack.



The footage shows Yoshiyuki Shinohara, 81, mooching around the platform behind the young woman wearing a hijab.

At one point, he rushes towards the unsuspecting woman shoving her onto the tracks. Luckily, the forсe of the moving train throws her back to safety.


She miraculously escaped with minor injuries on her face and was treated by paramedics before being taken to local hospital.

The attacker was arrested and charged on suspicion of attempted murder. He has been remanded in custody until November 25 when he will appear before Blackfriars Crown Court.


A man allegedly pushed the victim in front of a moving train on the London Underground on Tuesday

It is not yet established whether or not the man’s actions were motivated by Islamophobic or race prejudice.

Watch video:


Source: Naij


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