Actress Ruth Kadiri – Why I Attacked Caroline Danjuma


Over a week ago, Nollywood actress Ruth Kadiri slammed Caroline Danjuma for calling out Cynthia Morgan on Instagram.

In a recent interview, Ruth revealed why she defended Cynthia Morgan instead of Caroline.

Ruth said: –


“As a filmmaker, I understood the fact that she was trying to tell a story and when someone else tries to bring someone else’s act down, so he or she can feel good about his/her self, i’m not just going to sit there and be quiet. Even if it wasn’t Cynthia and it was someone else and I felt that this person….. we are all entertainers. If I get a man of God, for instances criticizing her work, I would understand because in my mind, I would feel like this person doesn’t really have an idea or understand how things work down here. This person needs to be explained too. But if you have someone who is in the entertainment industry, who does one or two things entertainment wise, criticizing someone else’s work openly, in a manner that brings the other person’s work down, c’mon it didn’t sit well with me and I didn’t go beyond airing my opinion once. That’s it.”


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