Ben Murray-Bruce Defends Jonathan, Says It’s Unjust To Blame Him For Nigeria’s Troubles

President Muhammadu Buhari-official-portrait

Senator representing Bayelsa East Senatorial district, Ben Bruce, on Tuesday, said that it is unjust to ignore all the good works of former President Goodluck Jonathan, only to blame him for the country’s woes.

“Jonathan has his own faults but he did achieve great things for Nigeria and it is unjust to ignore all he did and blame him to the world. There were problems in Nigeria when Jonathan suddenly became President. He didn’t blame the military or Yar’adua. He just tried his best,” Bruce wrote in a series of tweets.

Jonathan’s government has often been blamed by the present administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari, at every opportunity. The most recent was during a trip to India.

Apparently fed up with the way his kinsman has been painted in bad light by his successor, Murray-Bruce took to social media in his defence.

“No matter what anyone says to the world about Goodluck Jonathan, the world also has its way of getting independent information on Nigeria. Hate him or love him, Jonathan has left giant footprints in eternity’s sands of time! No eraser is strong enough to make them indelible,” he said.

“Recently the world was looking for someone with the moral authority to promote democracy in Tanzania. Their search led them to Jonathan. The Guardian and Daily News of Tanzania urged Tanzanian leaders to emulate Jonathan. The world appreciates what Jonathan did in Nigeria.

“Jonathan built schools for Almajiris that had never had schools. He increased federal workers minimum wage and ensured they were always paid.

“Jonathan ensured Nigerians could vote and be voted for in genuine free and fair elections. Even Jega testified Jonathan did not influence him.”



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