Biafra Agitation: Nigeria Cannot Afford Another Civil War – ACF


The pan-northern socio-cultural group, Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), has reacted to the fresh agitation for Biafra, saying Nigeria can ill-afford another civil war.

The forum, therefore, told the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) to desist from the cause as Biafra was dead and buried.

The ACF was reacting to Tuesday’s fracas between members of Arewa community and MASSOB in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

A statement on Thursday by ACF’s Publicity Secretary Muhammad Ibrahim reads: “The attention of Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) has been drawn to the Tuesday, November 10, fracas between some members of the Arewa Community and members of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) at Elelenwa junction in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

“ACF learnt that some hoodlums sympathetic to MASSOB disrupted the peace in the cattle market as shops and valuable property were allegedly looted. The prompt intervention of security agencies saved the situation from degenerating into a communal conflict.

“The MASSOB demonstrators have, of recent, under the guise of demanding a Biafra Republic, been disrupting peace in some parts of the south east. This is not acceptable.

“Nigeria witnessed a Civil War 45 years ago to keep it as one; Biafra has long been buried and Nigeria cannot afford another civil unrest at this time that all hands are on deck to move the country forward.

“ACF hails the security agencies for their prompt action and the Rivers State government for taking measures that restored peace in the market, and its condemnation of the irresponsible action of the MASSOB agitators.

“ACF, therefore, calls upon MASSOB agitators, especially the youth, to channel their grievances, if any, through their representatives at the legislatures. They should listen to the wise counsel of their governors and Ndigbo leaders, who openly condemned their action and irresponsible demand”.

ACF also called on the Federal Government to take decisive action against any group or individuals that disrupts the unity and indivisibility of Nigeria.


  1. These chamri dan iska are looking for trouble. We may not fold hands and see them do nonsense. I pity the innocent people that may be affected.
    Pls shorn trouble as much as possible to avoid unnecessary reaction from all quarters.
    You people are just set after Buhari’s govt by the opposition group nd you will surely die in the course of this. You did not do this nonsense in your Jonathan’s Regime.
    Pls repent.

  2. I know it has been a protest by the PEOPLE of former Eastern Region of Nigeria, not any group or the so called MASSOB.
    I know the protest has been a peaceful exercise of right so far.
    But I do NOT know why Nigeria is termed an indivisible entity.
    Is its purported indivisibility a law of God or that of man? If it is the law of man, is man meant for the law or the law for man?
    It is common knowledge that both God and the Law shall not allow a man to hold another against his consent or will.
    You talk about war like these people ask for war – NO, they ask for freedom!
    Only the evil consider the use of force against a man peacefully in search of hope, peace and liberty.

  3. Such hypocrisy and ignorance displayed by the ACF is very understandably peculiar to it. Some things need to be corrected. First the Biafra agitation is not a Massob afair rather it is the collective action of the people of the South East and South South. Secondly Biafra is not dead and buried, it has never been. If it was we would have more than 3 Igbo presidents and minister for FCT by now. The subjugation and large scale marginalization is being reenacted by Buhari’s ACCIDENTALL GOVERNMENT. So how can Biafra die. Who killed it and who buried it. Was it Murtala Mohammed that murdered Aguiyi Ironsi. The Central govt under President Jonathan in its wisdom set up a world class National Conference in an attempt to right the wrongs perpetrated on Nigerians by the Hausa oligarchy but this inept and ignorant ACF has vowed that the report of the noble National Conference cannot be implemented and have subsequently asked their son Buhari not to yield to the demands of Nigerians. So tell me how can Biafra die in this circumstance. Only one thing…. Self delusion.

  4. Is it not beter 4 u people 2 allow the Biafrans 2 go & rule over themselves in Biafra, than 4 them 2 stay & enslave you all in Nigeria. I hereby prophesy to you Nigerians that your plan to turn the Igbos to helpless slaves will surely backfire & you Nigerians will serve them until the end of time.

  5. My faith in humanity is shaken, yet, death / suffering of any man diminishes me.
    In as much as Nigeria is over – clouded in uncertainty, with contradictory efforts of our leaders in fighting corruption. Let us still do our best to be on the right – side of history.
    What do ACF mean by “dead and buried” ? Do they mean the disparity that existed and still exist between us should be forever? Who among the ACF is doubting the marginalisation of the entire Eastern Nigeria?
    I am disappointed in the senseless approach of ACF because, it lacks federal character.

    If Nigeria is one, Biafra dead and buried, Buhari must stop directly or indirectly building up a vast, dense ideology of tribal superiority against the people of South East. Buhari is cunningly conditioning the Igbo to hope for little and to receive that little without rebelling.

    It will amount to act of faith for Buhari to eliminate the mentality of the civil war, and the unsavoury emotions generated by inter ethnic frictions. He should also encourage ONE NIGERIA by restoring ” qualified Nigerian citizenship ” to all Nigerians, no matter their tribe, religion, or their side during the elections.

    The president owe it as a duty to himself and to the nation, NOT only to participate in Nigerian public life, but also to participate in such a manner as to demonstrate, in concrete terms and NOT in mere verbal protestations, that Nigeria have parted forever with ethnic isolationism and ethnic hegemony.

    I should be confident that Buhari do not require any from frustrated politicians to do his duty as Nigeria President, NOT as APC ,PDP or Fulani President.
    I hope, Buhari should see enough good reasons, why he shall have to make a departure from what has become a tradition of people in power in Nigeria.

  6. Igbo should know that they can not eat their cake and have it,who stop peaceful return back to your land after all those u called enemies u vacate their land and return back to ur land no police will stop u from returning my prayer to Igbos is that peace that they enjoyed outside their land if not satisfactory let them returned home in the name of GOD and tome will tell which is better