Don’t Mistake My Sympathy, Consideration For Weakness, Niger Gov Warns Detractors

ABUBAKAR SANI BELLO1Governor Abubakar Sani Bello of Niger State has warned those mistaking his silence for weakness to have a rethink as he would no longer tolerate attempts to undermine his government.

Bello, who spoke yesterday while swearing in caretaker-committee chairmen for the twenty five local government councils in the state, said that anything that will cause public disturbances in the state will not be tolerated.

He, therefore, vowed to bring to book, any political group or individuals that causes public disturbances in the state when things do not go their way.

“We have been silent and considerate to the point that we allow rubbish to go on in our administration but now, this rubbish must stop. We cannot continue to promote agitation and violence. Let not my sympathy and consideration deceive people as weakness. Anyone or group found undermining this government or creating public disturbance, the person will be dealt with accordingly.

“I have received threats from people that things do not go their way, I take it in good faith and because they do not know what they think. It is in my responsibility to do what I think is good for them in the future”, Governor Bello declared.

He also directed the security agencies in the state to arrest anyone inciting people acknowledging that though some group of people were not happy with the nomination of the Caretaker Chairmen in some areas, that does not give them the right to take laws into their hand.


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