Eniola Badmus – “Fame Hasn’t Changed Me In Any Way”


Large sized actress, Eniola Badmus is generally known for her very bossy roles in movies.

She has now revealed that contrary to the roles she plays in movies, she is not a bully.

Eniola told Saturday Beats, “If I were like the character you see on television, by now I am sure you would have heard series of news about me fighting on the streets. But I am not like that. I am an easy going person and can be a clown at times,” she said.

She also says all the negative comments she gets on social media don’t faze her.

Eniola Badmus told the Punch Newspaper entertainment section, “I don’t dwell on criticisms and negative comments. As humans, whether we like it or not, there are people who won’t like us no matter how nice we are. One thing I have learnt about Nigerians is that the ones who are quick to criticise you today are the same people who would praise you tomorrow all of a sudden. So, sometimes you don’t have to care so much when criticism comes because soon you could be getting praises from same bunch of people. I have learnt to overlook so many things but then I love everybody equally regardless of whether they criticise or praise me. I do what I feel is best for me at any particular time. A lot of negativity comes with fame. It is the price you have to pay for being a celebrity.”

Eniola Badmus added that fame has not changed her in any way.