Ghanaian Actress Yvonne Nelson Says “Jealousy Is Killing The Industry…”


Beautiful Ghanaian actress and model, Yvonne Nelson has revealed that some of the problems affecting Ghana’s movie industry.

She attributes it largely on lack of unity and jealousy among its players.

Yvonne Nelson who spoke to Ghana’s Suncity FM on her ban by Film Producers Association of Ghana back in 2010 said the industry especially English-speaking movies, is currently limping on ‘one leg’ and risks a total collapse.

It looks like there is too much envy in the movie industry. Instead of focusing on building the industry, when something happens and it is negative, they want to capitalize on it. It is like everybody wants to suck your blood out. When something is negative then they are happy. It saddens me and that is why we are where we are now. The movie industry is like on one leg. A year will come that we will shoot only two English movies.’ she said.

She further stated ‘It is because of jealousness. It is that attitude that when someone does something, they say that that person is being too known… we are not united,’

Film Producers Association of Ghana banned Yvonne Nelson for a year from acting in any Ghanaian or Nigerian produced movie in 2010.

Yvonne’s ban was based on accumulation of several alleged incidents of her disrespectful and rude attitude towards fellow actresses, producers and crew members on location and even when off-camera.


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