I Can’t Leave My Husband Because He Cheated On Me – Huddah Munroe

Any woman who goes into marriage with the faulty mindset of equality with her husband is heading for some big marital crisis, if you don’t believe it you are free to try it out and experience it. *wink*

Anyway, ex-Big Brother Africa housemate Huddah Monroe shared an interesting thoughts about this issue and her position has caused some controversy with some ladies who want equality. Details…



She supported the post with the words below:

“These are my thoughts. What’s yours ? I posted this for the comments LMFAO! If you don’t want to be cheated on, buy some dildos like Waiguru and f* yourself coz the next man these days is like the first. Too many hot gals out here! And cheers to all the side chicks who ain’t getting pregnant for these men, some wives can remove your womb with their bare hands… #LetsJustBeHonest #LetsJustBeReal”

Ladies, this is the truth: If you husband is a gentle man and decides to marry only you, then don’t push your luck too far by competing with him, saying ‘if my husband do this, I will do that’. Be wise!

Source: Olufamous


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