‘I’ll Make Wizkid My Houseboy With 13billion Pounds’ – Fan… SEE Wizkid’s Response To The Fan!!!


Superstar singer, Wizkid, took out time to reply a fan on Twitter who tweeted about what he would do with 13 billion pounds.

The tweeter user tweeted with the hastag ‘#With13billionponds’.

He went on to say he would make Wizkid his ‘house boy’, if he had that kind of money.

Wizkid replied his tweet in the most epic way saying as for that amount of money, he would willingly clean his house and wash his car too.

Nice one!


  1. Hw can sm one be so envious over another man’s success nd have so much hatred in him, its high time we change our attitude towards others bcos we dnt knw wat dey’ve done to b were dey ar today.

  2. money is the root of all Goody’s, why being broke is the root of all evil. pals, I need a job to make that money ooo I can face the root of all evil cause am a child of God.

  3. Pls employed me****I just nid 500000pounds…..mumu I’m not sure dat yhu have up to five hundred thousand naira in ya savings acct

  4. *lol*.. U guys r saying d niga wnts fame , he has it(fame) already.. jst leave d idiot alone, Wizkid u knw doz who r popular will surely hav HATERS!


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