Man Attempts To Castrate Himself In Order To Become A Woman [PHOTOS]

The story of Li Xiongjin, whose long life dream was to become a woman recently went viral after he was featured on a Chinese reality show. Seven years ago, the 30-year-old from Hunam Province, started taking female hormones.
Three years ago, unable to afford the expensive gender re-alignment surgery, he attempted to castrate himself with anesthetics and surgical tools that he bought after researching online. However, the failed castration caused him to almost die due to excessive bleeding.
Li regards Jin Xing, a famous dancer and one of the most successful trans-women in China, as his idol. He said he respects and admires Jin, who underwent gender realignment surgery back in 1996 despite massive social pressure at the time. Li says he wants to follow the brave example of Jin Xing, which led him to appear on a reality TV show to find a way to complete the necessary operations.
Li says he hated his masculine appearance with the onset of puberty and has consistently shaven his leg hair and grown his hair long for what he considers to be a more feminine appearance.
The Chinese government implemented new guidelines in respect to gender reassignment surgery in 2009. Those wishing to undergo surgery must first apply to the police to change their gender on their official registration documents, live openly as the gender for a number of years, be over twenty, cannot have a criminal record and must have informed their immediate family.
A month ago, Li told his parents of his lifelong dream of becoming a woman and they agreed to support his decision. Li’s mother is sympathetic to her son’s dreams and blames herself for never paying enough attention to Li’s desires and feels distressed that her boy has suffered alone.
A plastic surgery hospital volunteered to help Li after watching the reality show, with the first step involving micro plastic injections.


Source: CCTV News


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