Black Friday Tragedy: Man Dies In Stampede After Camping Outside Mall For 7days


42 year-old Leroy Gunter who had been camping outside Best Buy 7 days before Black Friday, was killed by a stampede of shoppers who were waiting in line behind him. Leroy Gunter started camping outside Best Buy on November 21st and was interviewed by local media when interviewed he showed media his set-up that included a full size tent with a TV and heater.

According to Scoop, Best Buy employee who witness the “massacre” as he puts it says “Mr. Gunter was going to be the first person to enter the store.” But as he walked towards the front door with a smile on his face a mob of shoppers ran in behind him and he slowly collapsed onto the ground another employee says he seen about 200 people run over his body including children not one person stopped to help him.

Paramedics arrived an hour later and pronounced Leroy Brown dead on the scene. His body looked like mashed potatoes says store manager Jason McCaine.



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