Nollywood Actress Laragold Professes Her Love For Tattoos


Nollywood actress, Laragold, majorly known for her roles in Yoruba movies has confessed her love for tattoos.

In an interview with the Punch, the light skinned actress revealed that she has four tattoos on different parts of her body because of her love for the body art.

She further stressed that she doesn’t like flaunting the tattoo on her cleavage for reasons best known to her, she says the body art can be also be found on her tummy, waist and her back.

In her words, “I love every part of my body. But then I have a tattoo on my waist at my back and I simply love it,” she began.

Continuing, the Shade Olosho star said, ‘I do of course. I wear cropped tops. I also wear net tops and tops that are not so long. I love showing off the tattoos. I don’t even mind who is seeing it or not. It is something I just love.

No. I have two more. I have one on my chest beside my breast. I don’t always show the one on my chest off. I have another on my tummy. I love tattoos a lot.

‘It is painful no doubt but it is something I have to endure for the love I have for it. I don’t think about the pain. I got these tattoos over ten years ago. Then it wasn’t even trending. Now everybody is getting it,’ she revealed.


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