[UPDATE] PDP Accuses Aregbesola Of Withholding Bailout Fund


People’s Democratic Party (PDP), has accused Governor Rauf Aregbesola of inflicting hardship on the people of the state, especially civil servants, by withholding the bailout funds rather than using it to pay salaries.

In a statement issued by its spokesperson, Prince Diran Odeyemi in Osogbo yesterday, the PDP said the piecemeal mode adopted by the state government in paying salaries was a further confirmation that the money had been fixed.

It added that workers in the state were last paid half of their July salaries, with all allowances being hitherto enjoyed by them removed, stressing that the retirees were also being treated in same manner, with many of them still being owed up to six months despite release of bailout funds to the state in August.

However, former commissioner for information who is now being addressed as the consultant on information to the state government in Aregbesola’s second term, Mr. Sunday Akere, debunked PDP’s claims.

“PDP wants to use our reaction to gain relevance. I am sure they have a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding, MoU, the state government signed with the workers,” he said.

“The bailout covered to June and we have paid June salaries, we have paid July and August.

“We signed an MoU with the workers and we have kept to the terms of the document religiously.”

However, investigation by Information Nigeria showed that the workers have not received August salary as claimed by Mr Akere.

According to a civil servant in the state, who spoke on condition of anonymity, payment stopped in July. “When the bailout fund was released, we were paid salaries till May. Later, June salary and half of July salary were paid. We have not received any other salary since then.”

“If the government said they have paid us until August, they should show proof and stop making us look like liars before other Nigerians,” the government worker said.

*** Story updated to include comment from worker.


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