Police To Bayelsa Politicians: Play By The Rules

Police-arrest-five-over-attack-on-Benue-monarchThe Bayelsa State Police Command yesterday advised politicians and political parties in the state to adhere to the rules guiding the electoral process before, during and after the December 5 governorship poll in the state.

The state police Commissioner, Mr. Nasiru Oki, said all the parties to the election are aware of the rules of engagement and must strive to operate within the ambit of the law.

He said on the day of the election, people are expected to go to their polling units, cast their votes quietly and return to their homes.

Mr. Oki warned that nobody would be allowed to carry dangerous instruments such as guns, knives and cudgels to voting centres just as he advised parties wishing to engage in campaigns to obtain police permit before going ahead with such political events.

He said: “People should know the rules guiding election and they should play by the rules. Nobody is allowed to do things that are unethical and against the electoral laws. Everybody should try and understand electoral laws and obey them.

“When you want to vote go to the voting place, vote quietly and return to your houses. You are not allowed to carry dangerous instruments like guns, knives and cutlasses to the voting centers.  You will be committing an offence if you do that one.

“Go and ask for police for permissions before you go ahead with your campaigning. If you don’t do that you are committing an offence and we will not allow you. So anybody who is desirous to campaign in Bayelsa State should make sure that the police are adequately informed”.