Pro-Biafra Protesters Lock Down Owerri As MASSOB Faction Threaten To March On Abuja

Biafra-protestsThe wave of protests by Members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and a faction of the Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), as well as other pro-Brafra groups, has finally reached Owerri, the Imo State capital with economic activities and vehicular movements grounded on Friday.

The protesters took to the streets to condemn the continued detention of the Radio Biafra Director, Nnamdi Kanu by the Federal Government.

The protests took place despite increased security measures put in place by the Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, who not only condemned the agitation for Biafra, he called on the people of the state not to join any form of protests by the separatists.

Defying the security measures, IPOB members, as early as 6am Friday, reportedly trekked from Aba in neighbouring Abia State and Port Harcourt, Rivers State, to converge at strategic positions in the state capital from where they linked up with their members on ground to begin the protest.

Although there was heavy security presence, including battle ready soldiers and heavily armed mobile Policemen, who drove behind the protesters in their vehicles, the tension was palpable especially among the residents as shop owners hurriedly locked up their shops, while motorists too stayed off the roads to make way for the long procession.

Meanwhile, it was learnt that the protesters in their thousands, marched through major streets in the state capital, displaying the Biafra flag and placards with various inscriptions such as, ‘FG free Nnamdi Kanu now’, ‘Kanu is Biafra and we are Kanu’, ‘we need Biafra now’ , among others and chanting war songs.

The factional MASSOB Director of Information, Uchenna Madu, said that they were in solidarity with IPOB because Kanu is a true Biafran.

He said that “the protest will continue as a platform to send the message across that we need Biafra, we are not secured in Nigeria, and we are feeling that our future is secured not in Nigeria. Our demonstrations shall remain non-violent, today we are in Owerri and by the time we finish in the Southeast and Kanu is not released we will march to Abuja so that we can all be detained because we are ready to die for what believe in”.

According to Madu, “we are tired of being slaves in Nigeria, what is happening now shows that Biafra is ready to go so let them give us Biafra and release our leader immediately”.

At the Imo Government House, there was equally heavy security presence apparently to forestall any attempt by the protesters to invade the Governor’s official residence.


  1. We r like israel in hands of egypt buh our big problem as biafrans is dat we dnt av moses dat will take us to our promise land nd be our leader, nd if u think we av dat moses, who is he dem nd is he ready to tell pharaoh (buhari) to free us bfor things goes wrong, bcus witout dis after freeing us we may be looking like sheeps scatter in d forest witout sheepard

    • Your leader , ojukwu is waiting for you in the PIT of hell to continue your agitation. There is enough land area in hell for you to establish your biafra state. No room for you in nigeria because what God has joined together, you stupid agitators can put asunder because Almighty god will send you to the pit of hell

  2. nigeria will ever remain united. All effort to see it divided, will never ever work. Become is not approved by God. Just a matter of time, you’ll see!

  3. Malam Adamu you will still be in Nigeria alive to see Biafra actualized. Pharaoh of Egypt did everything to suppress Israel and to diminish them but bc they were a people of destiny they grew more and more. He did everything to stop them from being free but their God the Great JEHOVAH the man of war fought for them and took them out of Egypt. And we are serving the same God.

    • mango, let it be known that you and you co sponsors will die like chickens because no man on earth can divide nigeria. Prepare to join your ancestors alongside other misguided fools like you. You and ojukwu can continue your agitation in the pit of hell , so prepare to join him shortly

    • @manngo – God n d children of Isreal never asked 4d dividing of Egypt as u’re asking Nigeria 2b divided. They went out 2get their promised land by God. So stop comparing urselves 2d children of Isreal in Egypt. God never support something dat’s wrong. And d children of never fought 4themselves, it was God dat fought 4them. Beware of trying 2get d right thing in a wrong way!

  4. Yinka can not be given any attention, they are full of inferiority complex, Biafra is not asking for their wisdom in leadership nor their silver nor gold nor the public fund they stole and kept in foreign land which they can’t even use to develop their various states but simply asking for a divorce, take every other thing but free me that’s all we are asking.
    Individually Biafran survives in a desert but he needs his freedom to do his business and his activities. Look and lago state Biafra has taken over landlords have sold their properties to servant who came to leave in his house with a plastic bag has become his landlord, in the north is even worse no matter how connected and amount of money he may have he remains about, the same complex makes them to be killing innocent Biafra just because of his hard work to make it in life.
    The problem is not this about people but in the hands of British because they know aboki man can easily be manupilated easily not a Biafra so they will never allow this divorce documents to be signed.
    Imagine this Biafran activist is a British citizen but they abandoned him just because of the stuggle for divorce ordinarily it wouldn’t have happened.
    British citizen were caught in Zimbabwe where he was involved in overthrowing a government in equitorian guinea, they were arrested in Zimbabwe but his release was ordered by the British government but this just mere freedom that we asking for.
    Buhari should release Nnamdi kanu unconditionally

  5. The world hailed Nigeria for the peaceful way the rather fierce Nigerian Civil War ended in 1970. It is worrisome that 45 clear years after the end of that war, its residues are being dug up to further divide us and betray our efforts at national reconciliation and development. This must not be allowed to continue.
    Nigeria has lived in peace in the past 45
    years, and whatever challenges,
    disagreements even, that may have re-
    surfaced, are not beyond our collective
    ability to resolve. I therefore call on all concerned, the demonstrators and the leaders of the different strata of government to identify the problems, determine the solutions, and turn the stumbling blocks into genuine
    building blocks for real nation building.


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