Read What Buhari Told Jonathan During Their Secret Meeting

Facts have now emerged on the reason behind the secret meeting held at Aso Rock Villa between former president Goodluck Jonathan and his successor, President Muhammadu Buhari.


It was learnt that the meeting was facilitated by former head of state Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar, The Nation reports.

Abubakar headed the 2015 elections peace committee that paved way for peace before, during and after the 2015 general elections.

The meeting was coming on the heels of complaints by Jonathan that Buhari is not sticking to the peace accord they signed prior to March 28, 2015 presidential election.

Jonathan had hoped to stop the probe of his administration over alleged misappropriation of fund under his watch.

However, the president had insisted that all looted funds must be returned. A source who does not want to be named due to the sensitivity of the issue said the president told Jonathan that he had nothing to fear at all.

It was gathered that the outcome of the session between Buhari and Jonathan could have informed Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s statement at the weekend. The VP said the anti-corruption fight of the present administration is not focused on Jonathan.

It is believed in some quarters that Jonathan was not happy that Buhari had moved against his ex-national security adviser, ex-chief security officer and some ministers.

The source said Jonathan prevailed on Abubakar’s committee to beg Buhari not to‘rubbish’ his administration.

He said: “For some weeks, Jonathan has been in the country to iron out some issues on his government. Based on Jonathan’s complaint, Abdulsalami made efforts – five times- to get in touch with Buhari but the ex-Head of State could not get through on time. I think Buhari already had security reports on Jonathan’s emissary.”

At some point, the former head of state met brick wall in securing audience with president Buhari but some past presidents had to prevail on Buhari to give the committee a chance to mediate.

The source added: “This was how Abdulsalami succeeded in securing an appointment from Buhari for Jonathan with a caveat that the immediate past President should feel free to bare his mind.

“Jonathan said he was hearing some of the allegations, especially financial sleaze, against his administration for the first time. He made it clear that he had nothing to do with some of these corrupt practices.

“He said whatever steps or actions the President intends to take; it should be within the framework of the peace accord the two leaders signed. Obviously, he wanted soft landing. He also pledged to cooperate with Buhari as much as possible on all steps he is going to take.”

Buhari had stated during the meeting that Jonathan had nothing to fear but insisted that there was no going back on the recovery of looted funds.

The President reassured Jonathan that he has no personal agenda against him. But he insisted that whatever was stolen from the treasury must be returned,” the source said.

Source: Naij


  1. ots neccessary to recover the looted funds.Presently paying workers is a difficult task. Jonathan and abdulsalaam abubakar obviously the two ex presidents that presided over the most corrupt administrations ever should allow these funds to be recovered. The fate of millons of nigerians are far more important than two ex presidents.Some old pensioneers that served their nations better than jonathan or abdussallami have collapsed and died of hunger.What are these two gentlemen doing in aso rock now if they have conscience and flesh and b lood in them? if they knew ahead they had no clout at all to stem corruption why did they ever step into power in the first place?

  2. Buhari who has been pretending to be so righteous now, how about 1983 at the PTF? Wat did he (Buhari) do to the govt of shagari who was to act on the white paper issued to probe him? Wat really resulted to the probe? Ok; why has buhari refused to talk about the Harllibuton scandal? Hmm! Jjust so amazing that the people ve sudenly gone blind, def and dumb. We all support the anti corruption fight but u must not defy any law and u ve to do it indiscriminately irrespective of tribe, zone or religion.

  3. i m praying that God should add buhali more year to that he should help nigeria to move.pls i want to people that lsrael go out egypt them suffer.but what i want u to know is that buhali is going to take u to promis land in jesus name

  4. GOD say to the enemy of this contry let nigeria be but if u refus he will fight u.exodus 4-23-many people lose ther dominion becos the eat food that did not belong to them. .as edam did ad lose his dominion in Gen-2-17-but divel devil say to evil peopel eat the money notin will happen to u.Gen3-4-know evil people discover themself naked GEN3-10-KNOW President is asking them that who deceived them.the money Gen3-13-becos of this the cursed wil be open u.U wil eat dust Gen-3-14-becos this money that u people eat this contry. ther is enmity between u yourself Gen3-15-becos of this u will go true pains ad sorrow.And know this is time that this nation will rule over u.Gen3-16-know u will ur sweat Gen3-19-this is cease that wil present brfore u.Isaiah41-21-


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