Record Breaking 7-Year-Old Boy Solves Rubik’s Cube In 8.72 Seconds


A Rubik’s cube enthusiast solved his puzzle in 8.72 seconds at a championship event in Porto Algegre, Brazil.

Chan Hong Lik, 7, who has been participating in championship events since he was 4 years old, twisted the 3×3 cube for 8.72 seconds at the Campeonato de Cubo Mágico Porto Alegre Open 2015.

The boy’s accomplishment bested his own record of 8.76 seconds, set earlier this year.

Polish Rubik’s cube master Marcin Kowalczyk set a record for blindfolded Rubik’s cube solving at a Speed Cube competition in Szczecin, Poland, in December of last year by solving the puzzle in 21.17 seconds without the use of his vision.


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