Two Israelis Stabbed To Death, Another Wounded In Tel Aviv


Two Israelis have been killed and one other wounded in a knife attack by a Palestinian man in the Israeli city of Tel Aviv, Israeli police say. Witnesses said the stabbings took place at the entrance to a shop in the south of the city that serves as a synagogue, while a prayer service took place.

The assailant was held by passers-by until police arrived. A wave of violence over the past two months has claimed the lives of 14 Israelis and dozens of Palestinians. Many of the Palestinian fatalities were attackers in near-daily stabbings of Israelis, shot by their victims or security forces. Others have been killed in clashes with troops in the occupied  or in cross-border violence in Gaza.

Thursday’s attack took place in a busy commercial building on Ben Tzvi road. Witness Shimon Vaknin told the Jerusalem Post newspaper that the afternoon prayer service had just begun at the shop when a man covered in blood fell on a number of worshippers.

The other worshippers then pushed the attacker outside the shop and barricaded the door shut, he said. One of the victims, a man in his 20s, was declared dead at the scene by the Magen David Adom ambulance service. The second was rushed to Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival.