Why We Sealed 24 Petrol Stations In Jos – DPR

fuelThe Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) in Plateau State on Saturday sealed 24 fuel stations over various infractions and advised petroleum product consumers to stop patronizing illegal fuel marking outlets.

The sealing of the stations was carried out during an unscheduled visit to all fuel stations in the state capital led by the state Operation Comptroller, Mr. Caesar Douglas, who told tell newsmen in Jos that the department had carried out its statutory duty by monitoring sales of fuel in the state.

“Our outing today is so revealing, there are some marketers doing illegal business with the PMS. They have been cheating innocent Nigerians. They have been dousing the general public and we had no option than to seal their stations”, Mr. Douglas said.

According to him, the department sealed a total of 24 fuel stations in the state, comprising of 16 licensed marketers and seven unlicensed marketers.

“They will be penalized for hoarding fuel, selling above government price, diversion of their allocations and operating without license”, he added.

Mr. Douglas further stated that 11 fuel stations were sealed for selling above government price, five for diversion of fuel, seven for selling without license, and one for hoarding fuel.

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