2 Mistresses To Caroline Danjuma’s Husband Fight Over Another Lagos Big Boy


Is this dust ever going to settle???

It’s been a whole since the hot fight on Instagram between Nollywood actress, Caroline Danjuma, and her husband, Musa Danjuma’s alleged mistress, Joyti Kiran Matharoo. The gist seems to have now taken a new twist.

Two alleged mistress of Musa Danjuma have now been reported to be involved in a messy fight, after, Danielle Simba Allen showed up at an event with Joyti Kiran Matharoo new beau, simply known as Armani.


Caroline had also been involved in a fight with Danielle Simba Allen in January this year when she took to Instagram to share news of her upcoming nuptials to the actress’ husband.

Reports had later revealed that, two months after her announcement, Caroline had laid in wait for Allen at a salon in Lagos, where she had reportedly slapped her, leading to a fight.

As karma would have it, Allen and Musa were said to have had issues leading to their break up, while Allen was reported to have moved on with a Lagos big shot, known as Armani.

Joyti Matharoo and Armani

Both alleged mistresses, Matharoo and Allen have now had a clash involving same man, Armani.

At the All-Black party which held in Lagos on Sunday, December 29, Allen is reported to have shown up at the event on the arms of her new beau, Armani, who is said to be a boyfriend to Joyti Kiran Matharoo.

Joyti Matharoo
Matharoo and her sister Kiran who were also at the event are said to have witnessed all that happened.



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