4 Naija Babes You Don’t Want To Roll With This Christmas


Recently, INFORMATION NIGERIA brought Nigerian girls tips on how to spot the kind of guys to stay away from this Christmas. Just to be fair and not make it seem like the guys are the only bad ones. Here is for the guys. See the four types of Nigerian girls you might want to keep away from this Christmas…

The ‘Money’ mongers: These ones have no chill at all. They are all yours and can go to the moon and back with you as long as the money keeps coming. As soon as the money stops flowing, their phones suddenly become unreachable and if you luckily get them on phone, the excuses are endless.

The ‘Classy’ girls: These ones go to a special type of school to learn how to be classy and although they have never been to the UK or US, they have the perfect accent from those countries and they can never take you to their house because it is the direct opposite of the kind of lifestyle they flaunt.

Eatery Chicks: Its Christmas OK! and a nice home made lunch or dinner, won’t do anyone no harm but when the girl prefers to go to all the restaurants in town all the time, then better slow yourself down before she runs you out.

The Shopaholic: When your account begins to drop to red drastically because your new girl is a designers freak and doesn’t miss a chance to buy something all the time with your money of course, yet you haven’t bought your poor mother in the village a simple wrapper for Christmas, you better watch your steps before you wreck yourself.

Season greetings everyone!!!


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