4 Things Girls Who Get Lifts From Guys Can Relate With


Waiting at the bus stop can be so tiring especially when it looks like the next bus to your destination is not coming anytime soon. The fact that you are already late for your appointment makes the wait seem even longer. Out of the blues, this gentleman pulls his car in front of you, and asks for your destination – And out of frustration or gratitude to God for sending you a helper you hop in not minding to know who he is. In lieu of this here are 4 things that are likely to happen as soon as the trip starts…

If the marriage band is missing on your finger: As soon as the gentleman spots a ring missing on the ring finger, the toasting sessions commences.

– Payment for the free lift is that the girl must drop her phone number, office contact or her residential address.

– The girl must be ready to participate in sometimes very boring conversations and must pretend she’s having the time of her life, laughing at his absurd jokes.

The guy somehow transforms into a tour guide: You must hear stuff like ‘how do I see you again, I really want to take you out, show you interesting places in town’ and the girl just sits there wondering what to say next before the trip ends.

Ladies, was your mind spoken on this one???

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