4 Types Of Odd People You Would Likely Meet Inside A Lagos Bus


Lagosians always have one reason or the other to hop on a danfo, and believe it or not, there are five types of persons, you would most likely meet on the bus…

  • Monitoring Spirits: These category of people, are those who would stare uncontrollably at other people’s phone. They help you read your chats, view photos or videos.
  • Naggers: Hey! These ones are so annoying to sit next to. They’ll complain about everything and anything that happens on the bus – from the conductor to the driver, to the seats, engine of the bus, traffic congestion etc.
  • Omniscence: These category of passengers are those you can easily describe as Professors without a degree. These people think they know everything about everything and they are always willing to share their lousy ideas with anyone who cares to listen.
  • Professional Observers: These are the ones who wouldn’t say a word right from their pick up point to their drop off point. You would almost belief they don’t understand the language.

There you have it guys! So tell me, in which category do you fall???


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