5 Eye Opening Facts You Sure Didn’t Know About Baby Carriers!!!


In Nigeria and other parts of Africa, it isn’t out of place to see a woman strap her baby to her back with a wrapper and ‘Oja’ as the case may be, either to get the chores done or to make her movement easier and faster. However, nowadays women strapping their babies to their backs have come to be seen as something poor people do and Nigerian women in a bid to look more stylish while carrying their baby have started to imitate women from the West by using slings and carriers produced abroad. In light of this development, INFORMATION NIGERIA has put together these five facts you didn’t know about baby carriers…

– An American woman invented the Snugli baby carrier after seeing African women carrying their babies on their backs.

– She first saw this, when she worked as a Peace Corps volunteer in Togo, West Africa.

–  Her name was Ann Moore born in 1940, a pediatric nurse, who  was one of the earliest volunteers for the Peace Corps during the 1960s and was accompanied by her husband and fellow Peace Corps volunteer, Mike.

– After the birth of the couple’s first daughter, following their return to the US, Ann attempted to carry her child just the way those Togo women did it, but couldn’t because the child always slipped hence she developed what we now know as a baby carrier.

– The Snugli was patented in 1969

If you didn’t know, now you know.

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